Key Responsibilities:
• Producing illustration art used as design concepts, illustration game assets, or cinematic assets
• Provide any assigned 2D art needs in a timely manner
• Capacity to maintain creative vision from concept to final assets

• Proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
• Mid to high level of proficiency in Vector works using Adobe Illustrator
• Excellent grasp of colors and themes in asset creation
• Fine arts training will be prioritized (we love seeing master works in portfolios). Artists with experience working in multiple mediums or styles preferred. Please include works in your portfolio/application
• A strong sense of ownership of the work
• Team-player

Key Responsibilities:

• Model high and low poly assets in alignment with existing art spec for real-time game development

• Work with constraints set by the technology (low polycount limitations, texture sizes, etc.)

• Create clean topology that is suitable for deformation

Create textures using Photoshop and Substance Painter/Designer for proprietary game shaders

• Take direction from the Art Director and Lead Artist and make changes as needed

• Help to collaborate and problem solve any technical limitations and issues using creative and efficient solutions

• Deliver high quality work on-time

• Demo reel and samples (or links to samples) of your work
• Strong portfolio demonstrating an ability to work with a broad range of subjects and styles, from realistically detailed to colorful and stylized
• Highly knowledgeable in Maya (or equivalent modeling software), Photoshop (or equivalent texturing software) and Zbrush
• A bright, colorful, engaging 3D aesthetic
• Strong grasp of color, form, composition, and motion
• Familiar with Unity 3D’s technical art pipeline
• Familiar with mobile technical limitations
• A desire to grow your skills and experience

• BFA or equivalent experience preferred
• 2+ Years' experience working in game industry

Please send all resumes and portfolios to:

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